What's New

New updates and improvements to Threat-Modeling.com App

Added Azure and General Business Model Elements

In the initial version of the tool, only Data Flow Diagram model elements were supported. This improvement added model elements for Azure (such as Azure Resource Groups, Azure Compute, Azure Storage, Azure Databases, etc.) and General Business Elements (such as Business, Buildings, People, Generic Technology, etc.).

This allows threat modelers to model the real world more accurately with more relevant icons/model elements.

Threat-Modeling.com App is Live

I'm very excited to announce that the threat-modeling.com app is now live.

The features that are part of the app:
  • Threat modeling via assessments
  • Threat modeling via diagrams
  • Develop threats, issues and risks
  • Develop security requirements that counter threats
  • Cooperate on a shared threat model with other users

More to come in future!